Habitat For Humanity Says Thanks

April 14th Habitat for Humanity held its key presentation ceremony and volunteer appreciation dinner.

Present were Chair members; Bryce Ashlin-Mayo, project chair and honorary chair members George and Phyllis Webb. Treasurer Eleanor Sanderson and Coordinators; Linda Jacejko (volunteer), Brenda Ritz (public relations), Barry Gordey (construction), Clint McCullough (construction), Ron Roth (property) and Linda Van Den Dolder (fundraising). Family Partners Kathy Leckie and Holly Fergusson and new home owner Dawn Knudsen and family along with a host of volunteers who participated in making a miracle happen.

Through the delicious dinner each coordinator and chair person took to the stage describing their part in the project, the history of how in 2009 a group collected to find a solution to affordable housing, the partnering with Habitat for humanity. Each coordinator was called upon to share their story and each expressed their gratitude to Vermilion’s generosity and giving spirit. Barry Gordey, Construction Coordinator, expressed his gratitude not only to the line up of contractors always at the ready during this build, but to his rescuer Sterling who shared his vast experience and time though out the construction.

New home owner Dawn Knudsen received her giant home key and spoke to her part in the project, from application to sweat equity to move in day. Included in her recitation was the humorous story of having to explain the difference between Habitat for Humanity and Real Home Make-over when young family members confused the two.

Winding up the speeches and wearing two hats this evening Clint McCullough, Habitat for Humanity Construction Coordinator and Vermilion Town Council Member, addressed the guests stating, “The way this town has come together and worked together is absolutely wonderful.”