Shoppers Swarm Garage Sale

The Fifth Annual Rotary of Vermilion Garage Sale, hoisted the doors at precisely 4 p.m. on April 19th. Greeted by the over 60 shoppers who had begun to form a line up starting at 3:30 the door opening was met by a small stamped.

The shoppers fanned out quickly through the large Agricultural Society garage, some knowing precisely which item they had come to purchase, from previews emailed to local businesses, others slowly making their way amongst the laden tables in pursuit of that must have item.

Items were sold on an offer basis, which meant that as each purchaser filled their arms or located boxes to fill they were checked out quickly.

This was not a give away sale however, “We value the donations that our community have given us so we ensure the prices offered are fair,” noted a Rotary organiser during the preparations.

Last year the Rotary Garage Sale achieved a whopping $5,000 in funds and the organizers hope see those figures as high as possible. The funds from this year’s sale will be sent to assist in the renovation efforts at the Lieutenant Colonel Craig Armoury, specifically the battleship linoleum floor.

Set to a good start the first hours of the Garage sale saw tables emptying out quickly as bargain hunters located desired treasures and whisked them away.

The Rotary garage sale took in over $8,000.  The Rotary would like to recognize all of the communities support, and all the useful donated, quality items and of course the support of the buyers! We sure couldn’t have done it without the community. All this money will be invested back into the community, of course.